"Making more possible"

We do more than just lending money. Your trust was invisible with other microfinance companies. However, we will make it visible. Our credit score guarantees how trustworthly you are, how honest you are. You will gain more business opportunities with higher scores, you will know who to avoid dealing with by seeing lower scores. Prove your credit, increase your business deals, then create more possibilities.


Oath to our Employees
"We promise to be the best workplace with the fastest growth for the employees who wish to make some difference to the world."



Car Finance with Credit Tech
We actively finance to small and medium enterprises, which had not been able to borrow from existing financial institutions due to lack of credit data. Through learning processing and credit scoring, we have created a back system to deliver even bigger amount loans to them while reducing risks. In addition, all repayment transactions are automatically recorded by our unique system using Safaricom's M-PESA API, and makes changes to the credit scores day to day. Our credit score will be used as a cross-border credit passport as information certifies someone's credit trustworthiness.

Car Finance in Kenya


Used car finance using credit scoring
Through our Kenyan subsidiary (HAKKI AFRICA LIMITED), we have been delivering fair and quality used car finance to the world's estimated 1.8 billion credit-deficient customers since 2020. Through the use of Fintech (Credit Tech), including our unique credit scoring passport, we are able to deliver quicker and cheaper financial services in the region with significantly less man hours than traditional financial institutions.
We aim to establish the first cross-border challenger bank in the African continent.